New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, new resolutions, new me, that’s what they say, right?

I don’t know for you, on my side I’m quite glad about the good old me, so I’m sticking up to it.

But I do have some resolutions, that I’m working on hard already:

✔To work on a balance between work and private life

✔To develop a better communication with clients

✔To make easier the booking process

✔Never leave house without my camera

✔Spend less time on social media

✔Stop comparing my progress to other photographers

✔Photograph the loved ones more often

✔Print more photos

✔Network with other photographers and wedding professionals

✔Enjoy every moment

Thanks for those who finished reading! I do hope your resolutions are still on and strong, if you wish to share them, don’t hesitate to do so in the comments.

PS Stay tuned, guys, I prepared something special for you on February 1 ♡

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